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With 'Harry and the Little Ones' Jon finished the highly successful run of this uniquely hilarious comedy. It played over a 110 sold-out theatres, which is unheard of to Dutch standards.


Throughout the past years Jon has combined performing in his own plays with guest appearances in productions such as 'Mamma Mia', and 'The Birdcage'.


In his plays hilarious, hysterical, unreasonable, silly, stumbling, Harry, is the central figure. Although Harry can be seen as  Jon's alter-ego, he finds himself in different surroundings every time. Harrie has been a butler, a camp-site owner, a surgeon, an accountant, a genie, you name it - and Harrie has lived in the middle ages, the thirties and the sixties as well as in modern times.

In the Netherlands Harrie has become an icon to the Dutch audiences, comparable to a unique mix of John Cleese's Basil Fawlty and Rowan Atkin's Mr. Bean.

In 'Harry and the Little Ones' Jon played a stubborn, slightly arrogant but very lovable husband to his professional military wife. Although he is supposed to go to a Star Wars venue with his friend, his wife forces him to stay home to look after the baby twins of friends (Rex and Lex). Harry finds a way of combining the two and in doing so loses the twins. In a desperate surge of the infants he thinks to have found them and takes them home. Only to find the police at the doorstep searching. Little did Harry realize he took the wrong babies back home.


The enormous success of 'Harry and the Little Ones' did not remain unnoticed. Various agents in South Africa, New York and Germany have shown great interest. This comedy appears to have great international potential!


An impression of the playwright 

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