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Jon studied English Literature and Drama at Leiden University and Theatre at the University of Amsterdam. He graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1989.


His theatrical career began earlier. In 1982 Jon was awarded a Best Male Actor Award at the esteemed International FEATS Festival for his portrayal of Alan Strang in Peter Shaffer's EQUUS. He continued as an actor with various theatre companies such as Mickery and the highly prestigious De Appel.


Jon is multi-lingual. He is fluent in English, German, French and Dutch. This has made it possible for him to perform both in and outside The Netherlands. He played main roles in the UK and the United States in plays such as A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMTHE ZOO STORY, DOCTOR FAUSTUS and DEATH OF A SALESMAN.

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In 2019 became a member of the jury of the prestigious Dutch Musical Awards.

In 2021 Jon was appointed chairman of the Dutch Musical Awards.


Jon starred in musicals and musical theatre a.o. THREE PENNY OPERA (Macky Messer), and THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS (nomination for a Musical Award for his portrayal of Irving Berlin). He went on to do a series of Sondheim concerts. Jon played Henry Etches in TITANIC the musical, which was presented in The Netherlands as a mega-production both in set, staging and orchestra. Harry in MAMMA MIA! followed. Because the CD was produced much later, Jon did not appear on it. 

          He was on his way to yet another successful project; the male version of NUNSENSE in which he played Amnesia, and for which he was, once again, nominated for a Musical Award. Many productions followed. Such as the Broadway show THE WORLD GOES 'ROUND and the Menier Chocolate Factory version of LA CAGE AUX FOLLES, followed by the Dutch original MOEDER IK WIL BIJ DE REVUE. Jon won a total of seven Musical Awards. In addition Jon received a number of prizes for his portrayal of ZaZa in LA CAGE AUX FOLLES and several other awards. The German/English language opera EISLER ON THE GO premiered in May 2017. Jon received raving reviews for his interpretation of the part of Hanns Eisler.

​          In December 2018 Jon's new comedy musical CHARLEY opened in Rotterdam. Both audiences and critics embraced the unique production with raving reactions and five star reviews. CHARLEY received four prestigious nominations for the Dutch Musical Awards. Best production, best choreography (Eline Vroon), best actor (Jon van Eerd) and best original music (Michael Reed). Additionally Jon received an award for best Dutch script for THE ADDAMS FAMILY.


Throughout his career Jon performed in numerous comedies. After performing in plays such as the French LE DINER DES CONS and FUNNY MONEY, Jon started writing his own plays. He adapted and rewrote plays such as NOISES OFFCHARLEY'S AUNT and BOEING BOEING for which he won the Dutch Audience Award. But his own comedies established him both as a comedian as well as a highly successful playwright. His comedies include A ZIPPER TOO FARON THE DOUBLETHE QUEEN'S QUARTERSTHE BONBON FACTORYBORED ON BOARDHARRY INN AND OUTHARRY BABBAHARRY AND THE LITTLE ONESA GREAT MESS,  HARRY'S HAIRY HARLOTS and LIKE FATHER LIKE SON. Almost all of these were nominated for the Dutch Audience Award. 


As a playwright Jon won three Musical Awards. One for his musical THE FABLE PAPERS which was based on a popular Dutch TV series. One for his translation and rewrite of the famous musical LA CAGE AUX FOLLES. The latter was also the highly successful opening show for the brand new DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam in the presence of Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands. He received his third award for the adaptation of THE ADDAMS FAMILY.​ Other rewrites include LETTICE AND LOVAGE, SALOME and CHARLEY's AUNT.

          With his own comedy plays Jon developed a genre which is now called 'Het Nieuwe Genre' (The New Genre). His comedies are discerning in that they form a newer and more absurdist approach to comedy. In his plays the boundaries of what is possible and acceptable are constantly carefully challenged. Without misleading fans of farce and the comedy of errors, Jon manages to reach a much broader audience. The New Genre is Jon's signature to comedy on which he often lectures in Holland as well as abroad. HARRY AND THE LITTLE ONES was played in Belgium and is scheduled to open in Italy, Belgium and Germany. Also producers in Germany, South Africa, France and the US show strong interest. LIKE FATHER LIKE SON will play in Belgium and Germany.

          Jon wrote the book and lyrics for CHARLEY the musical comedy, based on his play CHARLEY's AUNT. Michael Reed wrote the music. The musical, starring Jon as Charley, opened December 2018 to raving five star reviews. The musical is scheduled to open in the Tjech Republic, Austria and Germany.  An industrial reading is planned in London in spring 2020. Jon's comedy A GREAT MESS opened December 2019 to much exceptionally raving reviews. Regretfully Covid forced the production to shut down permanently.  In December 2021 HARRY'S HAIRY HARLOTS  opened  under extreme lockdown conditions due to Covid. The production ran until June 2022.  With LIKE FATHER LIKE SON  Jon announced his farewell tour as Harry in order to concentrate on alternative  things in the business.



Jon has also been active as a director both for the theater, and TV and cinema. In 1985 Jon made his professional debut as a theatre director with a hit concept of WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? This would become his signature piece. Jon graduated Cum Laude from Amsterdam University with a highly controversial thesis on the play and was personally congratulated by Edward Albee.

       Other directions followed, such as TRUE WEST and BETRAYAL. But his acting career demanded his time. Nevertheless he did not want to lose touch with this side of the craft, so he made sure to be directing and teaching on a regular basis. He taught at Washington University - St.Louis, Webster Universities, and several universities and drama schools in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. He went on to direct various plays, such as A MIDSUMMER NIGHT DREAMSERVANT OF TWO MASTERSAFTER MAGRITTELETTICE AND LOVAGE and the musical GUYS AND DOLLS.

          In the 90s Jon was asked by the Disney Company to adapt and translate all Disney films and compress them into CD/DVD. Jon then started to direct voice-talents in famous series and films such as LION KING, ALADDIN, POCAHONTASJUNGLE BOOKDUMB AND DUMBERMARY POPPINS, and PEARL HARBOUR. For Dutch national TV Jon created an educational series on religions of the world entitled BIBLICAL STORIES. This won him a nomination for the prestigious Dutch television Awards; De Televizierring.

          Holiday Inn International assigned Jon to write and direct a competitive company film called LINKING THE WORLD. It won the Marketeer of the Year Prize in Brussels.

              Jon's direction and adaptation of Peter Shaffer's LETTICE AND LOVAGE toured The Netherlands in the 2018/2019 season.  In the same season he directed TWINTY-TWINTY; a concertshow by the internet-hit duo Mylène and Rosanne.  In 2023 he directed the Mischief London hit THE COMEDY ABOUT A BANKROBBERY.

In 2024 and 2025 Jon is scheduled to write and direct three plays: the rewrite of A ZIPPER 2 .0., A NIGHT AT THE LUNA PARK  and WHAT WOMEN WANT.



In 2010 Jon was given the Golden Nutcracker for his work as an actor as well as a writer. The jury concluded:

                                    "Jon van Eerd both incites and arouses his audience and his fellow-actors. His 

                                     production of THE QUEEN’S QUARTERS brings a new dimension to comedy

                                     in the theatre world"​

In 2011 Jon received the prestigious Johan Kaart-prize, named after the infamous Dutch actor Johan Kaart. With this award the jury praised:


                                   "Jon van Eerd's significant contribution to humor in the theatre and his power-

                                    powerful excellence in the Dutch entertainment business"

In 2012 Jon was given a knighthood by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

In 2013 he celebrated his 25 years in entertainment with a special concert tour JON AND THE GUYS. It was broadcast on Dutch national TV.

In 2022 Jon was honored with the Comedy Award for his  work in the field of comedy with which he managed to entertain en audience of hundreds of thousands  throughout the years.


With the exception of THE QUEEN’S QUARTERS all of Jon's comedies were taped in front of a live audience in the theatre and subsequently broadcast on national television!

​         Jon appeared in numerous television shows and films. He was an actor in the candid-camera sit-com ROOMSERVICE. And he presented several courses on English and American literature for Dutch cultural TV. Jon performed in a series of Dutch government information films. His first significant role in a film was an English-language part in the Dutch and German mega-hit FLODDER IN AMERICA. Jon had cameo’s and guest appearances in various series. sit-coms and celebrity gameshows. He was also co-actor to Dutch comedian André van Duin in his COMEDY CLUB. In 2014 Jon appeared in the Dutch romantic comedy feature film MANNENHARTEN.

          In 2009 Jon van Eerd starred as the 'Mole' in the famous series WHO IS THE MOLE?. And in 2012 he participated in the Dutch Master Class - MATTHEUS PASSION, as a classical singer.

His part in the drama series MOEDER IK WIL BIJ DE REVUE was an eyeopener to those audiences who considered Jon mainly a comedian.

          In 2015 Jon portrayed Pontius Pilate in THE PASSION for an audience of 30.000 people. The spectacle was shown live on TV. The day after the national press claimed that


                                   "Jon van Eerd has stopped the country breathing by his impressive rendition

                                    of the part."


Jon's voice can be heard in a massive and astounding amount of series, films and games such as ALADDINTHE MASKTHE FLINTSTONESTWEETY AND SYLVESTER, POKÉMON, LITTLE BIG PLANET.



Until 2010 Jon was the Dutch voice of Speedy Gonzales.

He is the Dutch voice of both Eric Idle (Monty Python), and Stephen Fry.

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